ForestCalc 4.4

Forestcalc is used by people who work in forests and need accurate informations
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Forestcalc is used by people who work in forests.

ForestCalc Standard includes the following parameters in customisable database tables:

-Currency unit, 2nd currency unit (optional), and a conversion factor between these units (optional).
-Tree species codes (number or text), names (local and botanical).
-Timber volume functions (3 function groups). The program uses equation parsing in solving the functions.
-Tree height functions (Näslund, Polynomic, Michailoff).
-Log timber, Pulpwood (/Pole) and Fuelwood (/Waste wood) prices by species.
-Timber dimensions (Log and pulpwood/pole. Used with the taper curves, but these taper curves are valid only in Finland or nearby regions).
-Timber tables (Log and pulp/pole percentage tables in text files, as a matrix by tree diameters and heights).
-Length of increment period (past time).

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